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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let Summer Begin

Um can we all say BUSY?!
Memorial weekend was the start of all of it for us ...
Saturday we went to the beach,
Sunday we went to the River,
Monday we had a cook out and pool party!
My kids are exhausted!
I am exhausted!
This weekend we are going camping ...
Local to Pirate Land!
With 10 other couples and kids too!
I think all in all there will be 24 of us ... not including any visitors!
Next weekend we are camping again ...
Out of town for my Hubby's Family Reunion!
The weekend after that he has a catering!
The rest of the summer consists of 2 weddings, a bachlorette party and another race!
Tatum and Bowden's Birthday parties.
A trip to Ohio and ending it all with a trip to Cancun ...
Um yeah does that leave any time to breath?!
Pray for us all!

For your viewing pleasure ... My babies

I'm gonna get you ...
Drama Queen

Beach Baby!

River Rat!


Anonymous said...

omigosh....girl you are BUSY!

you need to plan a few days to come see me!!!

love you & miss you!!

kimmyk said...

whose busy?
you're busy! sheesh!!

ohio did you say? when? you'll have to tell me next time you plan on being in my state so we can plan lunch or somethin.

enjoy your weekend and it seems you're getting good use out of that camper!

The Smith Family said...

You're coming to Ohio. That's my territory. :-) I'm in the southeastern part of Ohio (Ohio University area....not Ohio State).

You are super busy but it sounds like you are ending your summer with a much needed Cancun vacation. Enjoy it all. javascript:void(0)

LCP said...

Sounds like our summer...and it makes if fly buy so fast and you wonder where it went. At least you have some fun things with the family and not just work, work, work!!

Your babies are adorable...they are so much fun, aren't they?

Melanie said...

Hey!! Add to that calendar time to see Miss Morgan! Looking forward to spending one of those wedding weekends with you! I don't think this year I will be cleaning my face with the wall... I mean scratching my face in the pool (wink, wink).