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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Less than a month

In less than 1 month by baby girl will be 2.
OMG where has all that time gone?!
That is the hard thing of having 2 under 2 ~
I feel like I miss so much with each of them!
We will be having a pool party for her in June just after her real B-day.
Anyone have any suggestions for some cool toys?!
I already bought her the Birthday outfit!
I can't wait to show you pictures~!
PS the boy ... slept great for 3.5 full weeks - 7 - 6:30 it was wonderful!
Now we are back to waking up at least 2 times - going back to the Chiropractor!


The Partins said...

Does she had a water table? Those things look awesome... some have the sand/water combo. Jamie is in LOVE with her kitchen too.

LCP said...

Time flies...huh.

Great he slept so well for 3.5 weeks straight!! a bunch of steps forward, and now one will get better!! jack is back to being up a couple times a night again, man, you get spoiled and then they stick it to you and you feel like you are hit with a bat in the middle of the night. Glad the chiropractor is working!!!

Susan Michelle said...

I CANNOT believe she'll be 2! Time does fly by!

Melanie said...

I can't wait to see that outfit on her! It's going to be SO cute! I can't believe it's been 2 years since she was born!