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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Not posting

Hey Internet - after talking in depth with my DH we have decided that I should not post my story about the Gan*g. Even though the Hell*s Angel*s came in a saved us and it in turn resulted in a happy night for everyone, even though DH wants to write to them and THANK THEM and to the editor and tell them just how nice and wonderful they were to us ... we are afraid that they don't want us to "talk" about it ... I am just nervous and well frankly if it is making me think this much then it is better not posted ... however if you have commented here before and would like to know the story shoot me a line and let me know I will be glad to e-mail it to you as long as you promise not to post it or give it out ... haha

So I guess that leads us to the Alligator Adventure post ... stay tuned!


Elleoz said...

I would love to head what happened. We are having similar issues with the motorcycle groups here in Rock Hill.

Louisa said...

Totally would love to hear it...going to shoot you an email now. You are living an awesome double life...hee hee