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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ear update

Today was our follow up visit to the ENT. We are scheduled for pre-op surgery appointment on Monday. Surgery will be sometime very early morning on Tuesday and to tell you the truth I am more afraid of trying to handle Tatum with NO FOOD, or WATER, MILK until after her surgery. My child loves to eat, she loves her milk and juice in the morning. She loves it so much that we prepare her milk and juice at night so it is ready when she comes down the stairs. I have heard that an hour after surgery all things are easy! That most children don't even know what has happened and then the healing begins! That is what I am looking forward to ... My Tata to have a pretty nose, for her to actually go a day without digging her little finger in her ear! For me not to have to chase her around the house with a tissue and wet wash cloth. I feel so bad for her, her nose and her ears! Haha I feel bad for me too! The steroid and the antibiotic helped for 3 days and then bam just like the tides the nose started to run and the ears got swollen and infected! So you see my friends we aer out of options. Tuesday am will be our surgery day. Hopefully we will be the youngest in line so we will be first - first in means first out and that means she gets to eat and drink!
Pray for us!


Chris said...

I emailed this to you already. It will be ok. The worst part is when they first wake up from surgery. They're angry and it took a long time to calm her down but she was a happy camper once we were home! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

first chris having surgery & now tatum-bug & on the same day! omigosh. i'm going to be on edge all day long waiting for updates & making sure everyone is okay.


and, tatum will feel so much better! it's all going to be okay.

but, i want you to call me as soon as she's out of surgery, even if all you have time to say is "she's out...she's good." :)

love you.

Kimmie Kay said...

I agree with Chris Kimmy, it was not such a big deal for mine either. I will pray for Tatum on Tuesday...hang in there Mom!

kimmyk said...

awww....i'm sure she will do just fine but nonetheless sending prayers and good vibes for her surgery, her precious lil' nose and ears.

so hard as a mom!

Anonymous said...

p.s. i'm also expecting pictures of tatum in her new halloween shirt! :0)