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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alligator Adventure

It has been 6 days and I didn't post about Alligator Adventure yet ... I am sorry! Serious I am not sure how people do it ... how they work, live their lives and spend QUALITY time with their children and spouse. It is amazing ... 24 hours in a day is NOT enough. I went to bed 3 nights this week crying because I didn't feel like I spent anytime with my babies, my hubby or myself.

My typical day -
At 6:30 I get up shower and get ready in under 30 minutes. I wake Tatum up at 7 am ... get her dressed, brush her teeth and get her down stairs and ready to eat. Her daddy then comes home to help feed her and get her in the car. (If the baby is awake then he is in this picture too ... he still isn't on a set schedule ... sometimes he is up by 6 and others he isn't up until 8 ... all depends on what time he wakes up in the night) Tatum and I walk out the door no later than 7:45.

SIDE NOTE - Bowden's schedule - Monday Andy does not work, he stays home with the baby all day ... Tuesday and Wednesday my mom calls from her car as she is turning into the neighborhood, she waits outside in her car until we leave then she RUNS inside to get Bowden ... this is to avoid melt downs from the VERY SPOILED Tatum! Thursday Andy takes the baby to his mom's. Friday is my day with him and I take him to work with me! ... we had the same schedule with Tatum until she was 8 months old and she went to Day Care ... M-F I take Tatum to School and then go to work!

Okay now where were we ... oh yeah running out the door by 7:45am ... drop Tatum off by 8 ... get to work by 8:10. Work all day ... well it isn't really the ALL day I used to work, but it is as much a all day I can do and not feel bad about it! I pick Tatum up NO later than 4. Get home ... preoccupy the babies until dinner time. The following happens at least once an hour - Change a diaper if not 2, make, feed and clean bottles, clean toddler hands, wipe toddler nose x 100, dry tears, find blankets, wash clothes, feed the ducks, swing on the swing set, kiss boo boo's, play ball, read books, hold 2 babies at once, if I feed Bowden Tatum wants to help and if she isn't helping then she is up and down in my lap which is SO FUN with a 2 month old in your lap - can't drop the bottle, cant drop him and can't tell her NO. Lets see what else is there ... um yeah answer the phone, try like hell to drown out sports center!

Okay it is now 6pm ... Tatum is screaming because she is starving and should have eaten at 5:30 but for some reason we can never get dinner ready by 5:30, and if we give her a snack after school then she doesn't eat ... even at 6:30 because you see 6:30 is bath time and bedtime is NO LATER than 7:20 or it is a disaster! I tell you DISASTER! I feed the baby and play with Tatum while Daddy cleans up the kitchen, then we trade, he takes over feeding Bowden and I give Tatum her bath, read to her and put her to bed! Then I come back down stairs take the baby back from Andy ... he cleans up the living room and finishes the kitchen. We watch one show while I hold Bowden (this is to keep him from crying and waking Tatum) I read my blogs, type comments with one hand, burp the baby and check my e-mail. Now it is 8:30/9:00 pm and I am ready to fall out. I take the baby upstairs, force some more formula down his throat ... swaddle him as tight as I can, lay him down. I am just about to fall asleep and in walks Andy ... asking for the remote to watch TV ... only for him to fall asleep and start snoring before his head hits the pillow! This past week I did tell him if he wanted to watch TV he needed to stay down stairs ... haha! Anyway I am asleep by 10 and then up at either 12 or 2. Up for 45 minutes, back to sleep and then up at 5 or 6:30 which ever happens first - crying or my alarm.

So ... you see this is why I haven't posted about Alligator Adventure!

We had a blast so many people showed up - here are a few pictures!
Me and my Tatum Bug

You talking to me?!

Tatum giving her Boyfriend Fletcher a Kiss ... one of many that day! hahah

Feeding time!

All the kids - Children under 3 were free, we used a total of 32 tickets!

The turn out was awesome!

PS I started this post yesterday (Saturday at 3:55pm ... almost 24 hours later you have it!!)


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun! that pic of you & tatum is really cute!

kimmyk said...

oh wow!
lots of kids!!

it all gets easier when they get a tad older. the routine will just sort of happen and it'll work like clockwork. the key is consistency and repetition.

tatum is gettin so big. toddling around...i love a diaper butt by the way. just makes ya wanna drum on it. LOL!

angela said...

Ok, that photo of you and Tatum is one to be framed. It is so good!! You look so great by the way!

Dawn said...

You really never stop do you?? It will get easier, especially once you get Tatum to be a little more independent. I am the same way about the tv! I will let Walter watch 1 show then he can go downstairs if he doesn't want to sleep! Sometimes I want to ask why did you come to bed if you still want to watch tv???

GingerLouise said...

It gets easier and then you miss it, my dd turned 12 yesterday and all of a sudden, it's like slooooow
down, please! Every age is special! Thanks for signing up for my giveaway, if you don't win, I have an Etsy shop, it is or just email me, I do lots of special orders and at 14m a dress would probably work better then a skirt. Hope you win!!

Christine said...

I get ready under 30 minutes too. We also go to bed early--- 7:20 sounds pretyy good. :)

Stacie said...

YIKES that's quite a schedule! I don't know how you do it kiddo! It does get easier as they get older like KK says.

Those gators are too cool! I wish I was there..iwould love that kind of stuff!


The Smith Family said...

Love the pictures! Looks like a lot of fun with the kids.

How did Tatum's surgery go? I hope everything went well and she can finally start feeling better!