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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ear Nose Throat
We had our appointment today ... we left the office with ANOTHER round of antibiotics and a steroid. He was very nice, he thought that the steroid would cut down on the swelling in the "tube" and would allow the fluid to move out. You see all the other antibiotics we have tried have knocked out the infection but NOT the fluid. After that fluid sits stagnate for 1 day it again is getting infected ... thus leading up to 8 weeks of being sick. I hope that this works, we go back in 2 weeks to check the fluid level and if it is still there we try one other thing (which I didn't even ask what it was) then we start talking tubes.
Please send some prayers this way that this round of drugs works and that the steroid does NOT make her too hyper! haha

Have a great night, I am getting off of here ... the storm coming through is HORRIBLE!


kimmyk said...

Be safe and I'm glad you got answers today.

Steroids are amazing things!! I hope your lil' one gets to feelin' better. Bless her heart.

angela said...

Hopefully this round will work. Keep safe and update us soon.

LCP said...

Oh, I sure hope it works. Once you start understanding the anatomy of the ear and fluid and all makes so much sense. Hope this works!!

Have a great weekend.