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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Could it be Reflux

Hey everyone ... First a big thanks to all of you for the support, ideas and suggestion ...

Second let me answer some questions:

1) Latch ... he is latching well and I guess I should not have said that I was like Hamburger ... I am not sore, not bleeding and it does NOT hurt for him to eat. I just feel USED AND ABUSED! He is eating every 1.5 hours from start to start, and you see that only leaves me about 30-45 minutes of sleep at a time. He is eating for 30 minutes straight each time! so 30 minutes of eating, a diaper change and the time it takes me to fall back asleep ... I am very sleep deprived here!

2) Schedule ... Tatum was the easiest baby ... the day we came home she was on a 4 hour schedule and she ate everyday and night at the SAME EXACT TIME ... Bowden is having NONE of that. I have tried to keep him awake in the day, I have tried to keep the room as dark as possible and NO NOISE at night ... I have tried to force him to stay awake and eat longer ... I have tried it all. It is just amazing at how differant they are!

3) LeLeche League ... I contacted them while breastfeeding Tatum ... they were not my favorite ladies ... they beat it into you like the guy that is a born again Christian and thinks they everyone should go to church 5 nights a week and 2 afternoons on the other days. (not that church is bad ... I am a Christian but you all know the type)

4) Pacifier ... HE WONT TAKE ONE ... drives me nuts I have tried this also!

5) Enough milk ... I am almost drowing him over here, he really doesn't even need to suck, he can just open up and drink from the spicket ... haha most times he eats I have to "expose" of some milk before he can latch on.

THAT is all I got for you ... I did call the Dr today ... they are so sick of me, and we are all on first name basis! You see Tatum is still, I repeat STILL SICK. We went to the Dr 3 times last week, on Friday we almost went to the ER, but the Dr told us to meet her at her office ... (after hours, now that is a great Dr! I love her)

Anyway now back to the Reflux - I believe my baby has acid reflux ... he is constantaly spitting up, he will be sound asleep and then all of a sudden he is gagging, and I have to rush over pick him up and get all the gunk out of his throat, he has some horrible gas. he pulls hislittle legs to his tummy and lets them rip like a grown adult ... all while he is ripping them he is screaming in pain! It is really sad, and I am doing everything I can to keep him quiet so he doesn't wake the other baby in the house up ... haha

Life here is grand, one has been sick for 4 weeks now and the other eats every 1.5 hours! Life with 2 under 2 ain't so easy! I know it will get better, but any prayers your can save I will greatly accept!


Andrea said...

So sorry you're having so much trouble! Praying for you! If its not reflux, it could be colic. In the meantime use some mylicon gas drops.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry things are still rough over there. I tried different shape pacifiers with my youngest son until I found one he liked. I wish I had some better ideas for you!

Dawn said...
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The Smith Family said...

Ben has reflux and his doctor gave us Prevacid (spelling?) tablets that we have to use a tablet slicer to cut into 4's. We then mix it with water in a medicine dropper, the tablet disolves into little beads and we give it to him that way. We've only been doing it since last week and honestly I don't see much of a difference. When he's awake he's crying the entire time because he's so gassy. When he's alseep he's constantly moving around and making noises like his belly is sore.

I'm at a loss, so if you find a solution please share with me and I promise to do the same with you.

Good luck! If I lived closer I'd come over to help out so you could get some much needed sleep!!

Goodrow Gang said...

Ughh...what a tiresome time! I know my boy would have done me in. He is a BIG eatter, too. Many times I wish I could have breast fed him had he not been adopted...but then the times like you explain...I am so thankful for formula. Goodluck with the reflux thing. You are such a good mom!

Anonymous said...

i'm far from an expert on this subject, but i agree with dawn...try some different shaped paci's if you haven't already??

so, since i can offer no assistance, i'll just tell you that i love you & i teary-eyed miss you. get andy to set up web cam & we can see each other. love you!!!!!!!!!!

angela said...

So sorry to say this but it sounds just like my Luke when he was born. It was severe colic. He had the same symptoms. The doctor ended up putting him on prescription drops. If you want to talk more email me. I am not sure it would all fit here.

Stacie said...

AWWWWW poor babies..both sick! I hope they get better soon and you get some rest over there. Sounds like you have a good Dr. I hope she figures out what's wrong quickly so you all can be on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

My daughter had reflux... our first pediatrician just said "oh it's just colic..." but my wife KNEW that something was really wrong... so she took him to a new pediatrician and he prescribed Zantac for her... and POOF... she stopped screaming and all was well.