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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Unanswered prayers ... maybe not

Over here @ Kellys Korner she posted about wanting something so badly and thinking that God wasn't answering or hearing ... it then lead over here ... to Amy's sight. SO ... we are all sharing stories about how God finally answered our prayers -

My story starts in college 93-2000 (yes I was on the 7 year plan)

I came out of HS with a bad reputation and with HORRIBLE grades.

I got to college and realized this was my life - I had to take control.

Actually my soccer coach said shape up or ship OUT!

My friends ... soccer was my LIFE!

Anyway I prayed and prayed but really what was I praying for- to be good?!

That was all up to me! So I finally stopped praying for that!

I made it through college, with 2 serrious boyfriends (at different times hahah)

Neither of them turned into a life time partner.

I finally graduated with 2 majors and 3 minors.

Then the search was on for a JOB, Hubby, and of course that family that everyone so wants.

I knew I wouldn't get everything I wanted.

Moved home to live with my parents.

I applied for job after job teaching, my parents gave me 6 months of rent free living and then it was OUT of the house I was to go.

I started to beg God to help me find a JOB, a place to live and of course a good boy.

One day on the way to a interview I stopped @ my dads work (he owns a construction company) to bring him lunch - he was in a horrible mood. He was writing all the billings, payables, and payroll in a book with a pencil ... did I tell you it was 2000?!

I asked him why he didn't have computers "those things are too much trouble."

I saw the light - Dad I will come here work for you and I will set up some computers so they are all connected ... blah blah blah and I will substitute teach until I can get a full time job.

Told him he could pay me the least of any employee he had.

I went home and started to research construction software.

I came to work that Monday -

I got the company up and running my dad was amazed.

Then I found a cute little house that needed LOTS OF TLC.

My dad and I made a plan - he agreed to help me fix it up and he helped me get a loan.

I got a small raise because business was picking up (now that we could track stuff we were making more money)

Then it all just fell in place ... ALL IN GODS time!

By 2004 I was married to a wonderful man, 2007 baby 1 was born and 2008 baby 2 was born!

GODs big plan was baby #2.

He was a HUGE surprise. BIG Surprise.

I cried and cried I didn't want a baby - I already had a baby (she was only 5 months old)

Today we are a perfect family of 4 still at times questioning if God is hearing us, but I know he is. I just look back over the years and see all that has happened - I feel him surrounding me - I know my babies 14 months apart is the BEST thing that ever happened to me!

They are wonderful and really it was a blessing in disguise!

Oh yeah I am now the VP of my dads company and I have helped take it from 300,000 a year to doing over 5.3 million 2 years ago. Construction is currently slow right now, but we are still here and surviving!

1 comment:

Rob said...

I'll shamefully admit that my faith wavered considerably along the rocky path to our adoption. It felt, just as you said, that God wasn't listening to our pleas.

It's humbling to grasp now that we waited as long as we waited because the boy that God intended for us wasn't ready yet. There was absolutely a plan. Our son is as much a blend of my wife & me as if he were biologically ours. That doesn't happen by chance.

Maybe it's just that people deal with things on a such tiny, limited scale that we can't sense God's bigger picture. He answers, but not necessarily in ways that are readily or immediately apparent.

Of course, it's much easier to say all of that now we're on the other side. All I know to do is try to apply the lessons learned to be more faithful in the future.