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Monday, October 11, 2010

Court Day

Today was our final day of court -
I cried and cried.
The "other" people LIED so much!
It actually was sad, and they actually were CAUGHT in several lies.
I am praying that the Judge picked up on that and will remember that they were NOT creditable witnesses.
I have tried to tell myself over and over that I did the right thing.
I was sworn in and I TOLD THE TRUTH!
The WHOLE truth, even when I knew the answer wasn't going to "help us."
My company has been owed $451,000+ dollars for 2 years now ... going on 2 years 2 months and it has been HORRIBLE!
The wait has been horrible, it has put a bind in my relationships with my parents, my husband, my workers and most importantly my babies!
It has mentally crushed me!
But the WORST part of all was the lies.
How does a man put his hand on the bible and stand up there and LIE?!
Really that is HORRIBLE!
I am so sorry for them, that they have to live life that way - knowing that they LIED!
I am trying to remain positive that I did MY job the best I could and I TOLD THE TRUTH through out the court process!
Right now the Judge ordered that the lawyers give a "summation" of the trial. (aprox 30 days)
Then the Judge will have aprox 30 days to determine her decision.
I am going to try and stay positive!
Please pray for my strength!

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Chris said...

So sorry about everything, but please come over to my blog and check out our 3 day camping trip. We were at Stone mountain! What are your kids going to be on Halloween?