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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St Pattys

Geese I really need to get a hold of my blogging - I just can't find the time!
I laid off our secertary and now we got some work, but I am holding off
on bringing her back until we figure out what is going on with our Law Suit.
It has all been very difficult!
But St Patty's was fun:


Jamie said...

OMG your little boy is getting so big. He is so tall! What adorable pictures and HAPPY ST. Pat's Day to you!!

Shoofly Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your babies are precious. LOVE the Lucky Charm shirts. We celebrate St. Patty's to the nines around here, but I haven't gotten my pictures up. Whoopsie.

Chris said...

Bowden is getting sooo big!! The shirts are awesome! The waffles are the best breakfast ever according to Lindsay & Brooke!!