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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I can't seem to find the motivation to blog anymore - I read a lot of blogs and I look at the computer ALL DAY. Literally I surf the web all day long. I used to have work to do ALL day long, but now I sit at my desk staring blank at the screen wondering just how long it will be until I don't have a paycheck here anymore. I own a construction company with my father, we are dead. NO WORK! I haven't signed a contract in MONTHS ... and I don't see any signs of that changing soon. We are bidding, have been bidding and can't seem to land any jobs.
My pay has been cut - for the first time in my life I am on a budget - something that is hard when you have NEVER been on one. I am paying for insurance for me and the kids for the first time ever and boy does that suck.
Tatum just had a second set of ear tubes put in and boy oh boy am I glad that I am paying for that insurance.
Bowden is still having a LOT of sinus issues so they are talking about removing his adenoids. Again - good thing we keep our insurance.
So in short I got A LOT going on ... my business is failing, after 32 years of profit we are very close to closing the doors. My kids are staying sick and I am ready for a change!


LCP said...

I am soo sorry all of this is going on. Wish I had a magic pill to cure it all!!

Hey, have you thought that maybe the kids have allergies or sensitivities? To things like wheat (gluten) or dairy or yeast? I have had Josey on a diet eliminating the above and see a big difference. Just a thought maybe worth investigating.

Hope things pick up...miss your posts!

Chris said...

Hang in there girl friend at least you HAVE a job!!!

I also miss seeing you on the blogs! the kids are growing so much! Bowden looks like he is going to be tall!!