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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow in Myrtle Beach, SC

I think the last time it snowed in MB was 1989?!
I am sure I could google and find it, but your lucky I am blogging at all!
Well as you can tell by the post title we got SNOW ...
What could be more adorable than babies in the snow?!
NOTHING ... so here ya go:
Getting the babies ready to go play!

Tatum not real sure about the white stuff ...
she got hit by a snowball and the fun was all over!

Sledding ... you know they don't sell sleds in SC ...

so my Daddy used a storage bin lid

Bowden tasting the snow!~

He loved it!

My beauty!


Chris said...

You ain't kidding!!So do you think sleds are easy to find here in Atlanta!?? Check out my blog and see how much snow we got! AND see my VDAY present Mike got for me. He made a framed colage out of the pics of the girls!!!

Anonymous said...

great pictures Kim. I can't believe you guys got all that snow!!