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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Health conscience Valentines Day

Both my babies are in Day Care ...
With each passing holiday I TRY to make each teacher a little something.
I am in the construction business and just like everyone else
we are HURTING for work and our cash flow SUCKS!
So the "little" something must also be cheap, but not cheap looking!!
This year for Valentines I was at W*al-Mart
I saw the little $1 hearts with 4 pcs of chocolate in them!
Cheap, Easy and still nice!
Then I thought "How many of these will one teach want?"
So I went with something different ....

Who doesn't love a candle?! The candles were only $0.97 each

The craft ribbon was a $1
and the other ribbon was left over from Christmas!
So ... I still kept it cheap and CUTE and stayed Healthy too!
What did you do?!


LCP said... stink. I feel bad enough that I only sent my kids to daycare with small cheapie card for their friends and NO CANDY...let along didn't do a darn thing for the teachers. Stinks...I just didn't have time (or $$) either.

Way to go great that you appreciate your teachers. I need to come up with something simple for them...hmmm...good ideas!

Anonymous said...

Good gift! From a teacher.. yes, pass on the chocolate and get something else! I got a singing rose and a couple boxes of those lil choc hearts.


Melanie said...

Gurl - step back because you have some crafty skills there lady!! Good job!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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