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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tatum is growing way too fast!

Okay so Tatum is getting better at holding her head up ... check her out!

I think I can do this, I know I can :

But I have to take a break:

Lookie Lookie I did it, I did It I can see the world now!

On Thursdays her Granny Kemp keeps her ... they work out together and just hang out! Glenda took pictures of her last Thursday so Mommy and Daddy could see just how happy she is ... here she is! Happy as a pig in shit ... she loves her travel chair!!

She is such a happy baby! I could just eat her up!


Anonymous said...

OK, so adorable. She is getting so big! I love her little face!

kimmyk said...

She's just growing up before our eyes isn't she?
She looks like her papa. That'll change. Next month it'll be you, but today I see her papa in her.

She's so pretty. Pretty girl.

Chris said...

Wow, she's really grown up! Love those photos of her. You can really see her distinct features now! Cute, Cute, Cute!!

Katy S. said...

She is adorable!!!

Wendy said...

So so cute!

Heather said...

Exciting times. What a cutie.