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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hey everyone ... I am here and I am well! Tired, overworked and underpaid but hey why should that change? Haha
Tatum is getting big we had a Doctor's appt yesterday she now weighs 11 lbz 1 oz and is 23in long ... holly molly she is growing quick. She had to have shots ... 2 in one leg and 1 in the other ... how very very sad! I took it very well ... I thought for sure I would cry and get upset, but I hung int here like a big girl! Tatum however didn't do well ... I think she turned 4 shades of red and had the loudest most painful screech I have ever heard! She is so darn cute! I am amazed everyday how much I love her!
We went to Ohio for a visit ... we go every year in August. We visit family and we attend the HUGE party my Aunt throws every year for FHOF (Football Hall of Fame). They have a great party with all of our family there and it was great to show Tatum to everyone!

Here she is sporting her Panthers gear with her Daddy!

Here she is with her Great Grandma

Here she is showing off one of her new outfits

Here she is at the Rib Burnoff ... making sure she doesn't loose her Paci!


Anonymous said...

I always took shots much harder than Preston, he only moaned I think at his 6 months shots, he is such a trooper. Me on the other hand cry every time~ he is like "how embarssing mom" haha. Keep the pics coming, I love seeing her grow. So very proud of you! Love you Courtney

Heather said...

Shots are definitely harder on Mommy than baby most of the time. Though I got a bit anesthetized to it after having to grow through 4 heel pricks in the first 2 weeks.

Love the matching outfit with Dad! She's getting bigger and cuter too!

Chris said...

Wow, she's grown so much! I boo hoo'd at the two month shots. I make Mike come for the shot appts now. I go pay while he does the deed. Works out much better that way. I hate it!
Love that last pic of her sleeping...SOOOO SWEET!
I was getting ready to email you and check on you. Glad all is well. Post more pics when you can!
Take Care!

Katy S. said...

I love that the babies have such a grip on the paci while they sleep. We had shots today too. I was there solo and it SUCKED!!! She is such a angel.

kimmyk said...

Wow she is getting big!
Her looks are changing so much aren't they? Is she holding her head up yet or turning over???

How fast they grow up Kim!

I always hated when the kids would get shots-I couldn't go in with them I wasn't "strong" enough to stand there and not cry. That's what dads are for!

Stacie said...

she is getting so big so fast. Love the top pic! i was just in Ohio last beans.

Wendy said...

That last picture is too stinkin cute! We just got rid of the binky and I don't know who was sadder...The Boy or me. It was like saying good bye to his baby years and hello big boy.