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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sympathy Symptoms

Well everyone keeps telling me that while you are pregnant you start getting forgetful and clumsy - well I know the clumsy is from the nausea and so on - I know that the forgetfulness is from the tiredness but could someone PLEASE tell me what is causing my husband to have Sympathy Symptoms - you see tonight was his work Christmas party and I called him after being at work late to tell him I would meet him at the restaurant and he said okay I am on my way out and I will meet you there ... Just like planned - Anyway I left the party before he did walked in the house to smell and see smoke - I started looking around for what ever in the world was on fire - well come to find out it was the TEA that my husband left on the stove top to cook - yes on HIGH ... It was horrible anyway so I have officially passed on the FORGETFUL SYMPTOM to my husband and he has gratefully accepted the SYMPATHY portion of his job!

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kimmyk said...

Just wanted to say hello from one KimmyK to another.

I remember when I was pregnant-I forgot a lot of things. I think it's cause we're so tired. Can't really say the same for our other half.