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Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend trip to Raleigh

Hey everyone ... I am not real sure why I say everyone cause I am not even sure anyone reads this thing ... but if you do thanks for visiting and checking in on me! Now onto my blog:

This weekend I went to Raleigh to visit Julie. (check out my "mySpace" she is one of my favorite sisters ) she is now 5-1/2 months prego and oh so cute ... she has a little pooch starting to show. While we didn't do too much we had the absolute best time. I think that I laughed harder this weekend than I had in a VERY long time and it was wonderful ... my tummy muscles and cheeks still hurt last night when I got home. Her and Rick are in their first owned home and it is awesome! Very nice sized rooms, large kitchen with a square like island, a very large master bedroom and bath. The babies room is already painted, I think she called it Sweat Pea ... it is a very pretty green color. I loved it ... anyway while I had a great time I am glad to be home with my hubby who got to go to the Bristol Races this weekend ... he was so happy he was like a pig in shit.

Well not much time left until we go to Jamaica ... 40 days to be exact ... and yes I am counting!
Some SnowBE's come to town this weekend and I am looking forward to another weekend of great laughs!

Have a great week!

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