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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making a move

SO ... Tatum has figured out that at night she is down stairs ALL ALONE.
It all started about 2 months ago when her and Bowden started to "watch" movies.
She doesn't say the words "I'm scared" but she says " I don't like it" which I translate to she is scared!
We have never let them sleep in our bed - but unlike making Bowden CIO (cry it out) for sleeping purposes I CAN'T leave her in her room KNOWING that she is scared.
Even though CIO with Bowden broke my heart I knew it wasn't "hurting him" this is terrifying to her and she understands!
SO we are toying with ideas on how to make her more comfortable.
She already has 4 (yes 4) night lights in her room AND the light in the bathroom which is connected to her room we leave on.
SO we are trying to figure out if we will:
1. put her upstairs (our room and Bowdens room is up, hers is the only one down) We could move to her room
2. remodel our extra living room into a master bedroom with attached bathroom (her room and our room would then be down leaving Bowden up by himself)
3. put her and Bowden in our room together ... in separate beds ... our room is HUGE and us move down.
4. Put her in our room alone, us move down and keep Bowden in his room by himself. (would make both up but separate rooms)
Do your kids co-room?! Have they ever?! Is it hard to move them from each other when they get older ... should I just focus on NOW or worry about older? The constant waking up and the 1 hour + that is takes us to get her back in her own bed is killing me ... we have started to let her come into our bed but not until after 5 am ...

1 comment:

Melanie said...

ooo...tough call. I would move both upstairs to seperate rooms and put you and Andy downstairs in Tatum's room. I don't see anything wrong with having both in the same room, but you never know when that one day comes and Tatum wants bowdie out....or one gets sick all night while the other is sleeping...