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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The last 8 days ...

Starting last Tuesday I took Tatum to the Dr. she had a upper respiratory infection, and pink eye. We only got eye drops for her pink eye. Dr said the cold was Viral "It is viral, no meds it will play it's course."
Wednesday I took Bowden to the Dr. he had a HIGH FEVER, upper respiratory infection, pink eye. Got drops for his eyes. Dr said the cold was Viral "It is viral, no meds it will play it's course."
Thursday was Bowden's 6 month appointment, we went to the Dr AGAIN. Said his chest was still clear, no meds and he got shots.
Saturday I woke up sick as can be, went to the Dr. I has strep throat, ear infection and upper respiratory infection. Of course I got meds.
Saturday later in the day, I took Bowden back to the Dr ... he was having a hard time breathing. Dr said I am going to give you a antibiotic, but don't want him to have it until Monday ... I filled it that day and gave it to him. He was still very green and nasty ... still had pink eye.
This Monday I took Tatum back to the Dr. She had a fever, and stuff oozing out of her ears ... I guess it just comes out with tubes. We got ear drops and were told to continue the drops for her pink eye.
Wednesday (today) I went back to the doctor my antibiotic isn't working. Well my ear infection got so bad, I blew my ear drum. I have pink eye in both eyes and was put on a Z Pak.
Wednesday (today) called the Dr for Tatum ... told then she is still sick, still running a fever and her ears are nasty still. They FINALLY called in a antibiotic, and some stronger ear drops.
So dear Internet will you pray for us?! I need all the help I can get. Playing mommy with sick babies and sick myself is harder than I ever imagined. I am needing all the prayers you can spare me!


Anonymous said...

omigosh! *hugs*

lots of prayers!!!!!!

love you!

kimmyk said...

oh my word.
sending healthy vibes and prayers your way!

Andrea said...

Good Grief! Certainly will pray for you. That's awful. Sounds like when this is all over you might need to find a new pediatrican.

Jamie said...

Good heavens!! You have had a crazy start to the year. I am definitely praying for you and your little ones. Get well soon!!!

LCP said...

lots of prayers and hugs to you and your fam!!

Jack has been sick for 3+ weeks now with this upper resp stuff, but we have been on the nebulizer for 3+ weeks and just started a steroid and may have to start anitbiotics...daughter is fine, and knock on wood we ahve been OK...ugh...I hate this season!!!

Hope everyone gets better quick!

Goodrow Gang said... much stuff to deal with! Thinking of you.

The Partins said...

That is SO not cool for them not to help you out with potty training... The nursery at my church takes them ever 20 minutes or so - they practically potty train them for you!!! (Of course, Jamie has never been to it because her grandmas would have a cow if I let the nursery keep her over them keeping her. Oh to be the only girl on one side and the only grandkid on the other)