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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baby got the BOTTLE~

Hey everyone ... so sorry it has been so long ... but motherhood sure is time consuming! Haha

Things are going well I am very sleep deprived, and please don't tell me to nap when baby naps cause that just doesn't work for me. I am having to work from home, and with that house work and the day time requirements of the baby I have no time to nap, and at night we sleep when we can, but unlike Daddy I can't fall asleep in less than 1 minute.

Yesterday we had a weird day ... I had a hair appointment at 3 ... guess what people 3 is our feeding time. I fed the baby at noon ... at 1:45 she was still awake so I decided I would keep her up until 2:15 and feed her then ... however around 1:45 Tatum was screaming she was EXHAUSTED and she could not even keep her eyes open, so I let her go to sleep. I tried to wake her at 2:15 to feed ... no suck luck. I took her to the hair appointment with me ... she never woke up ... she didn't wake up until 5:15 ... which was against my better judgement, but I could not get her to wake up. At 5:15 she ate for about 6 min on one side ... yes that was it, and it was back to sleep. My boobs hurt so darn bad at that point.

We got home from my mom's around 7ish ... I pumped since I was engorged. I got about 7 oz ... 4 from one side and 3 from the other ... and wouldn't you know it that the baby woke up screaming of hunger minutes after I was done pumping ... resulting in this:

Now that bottle was filled with warm breast milk and it took 2 types of bottles and nipples to get her to take it, but guess what folks ... she took it! Which means ... MOMMY gets to sleep thru one feeding a night! OMG!!! I am stoked!


Chris said...

Oh my gosh that's soooo cool. Hubs looks SO happy in that picture! Yeah, that nap when the baby naps thing never worked for me either. I couldn't do it. WAAAY too many other things to do. I still sometimes tell myself to nap with her but it doesn't happen. Just remember when you really get to the point that you know you need rest..make time for yourself and you'll be ok! It's ok to ask someone to watch her for a while so you can catch some zzz's. Trust me, when she's ONE you'll wish you had the newborn excuse and you'll do anything for a nap!

Heather said...

Yay for KimmyK!

Best feeling ever when you can start pumping and someone else can take a middle of the night feeling. I was a completely different person when I got to sleep 5 to 6 hours straight.

If you're up for more suggestions, start pumping a little before each daytime feeding and you can freeze it for a month or more, for shopping trips, nights out, or "I just don't feel like being Bessie the Cow right now" moments.

may said...

everything will get a little easier and better. but men sleeping in 1 minute and us moms never ever learning it is never gonna change:)

katie said...

i never could nap when the baby napped either. That is a very sweet photo of your hubby with his lil' girl. Your doing a great job, KimmyK! You're an awesome mommy. :)

sillychick said...

I always felt that all too familiar "Mommy Guilt" if I tried to nap when my kids did. Sucked hard core, especially for my husband who had to put up with my cranky butt :-)

Congrats on the bottle'll feel much better soon.

Stacie said...

YAY! YAY for you getting some rest, YAY for hubby getting to feed Tatum! I hope it all works out great. Stacie

Wendy said...

I had no problem napping when baby napped. Seems like all I did back then was nap! You will feel so much better when you get some regular sleep in.

Katy S. said...

Napping was a far off dream a few months ago. Now that my little man is older I can do it every time he naps. Before, he would go down I would pump away. Keep going girl!!!!!

Katy S. said...

BTW. I did and still do swap out different bottles and different nipples. In my mind it made perfect sence for a bit of variety. I have no clue what the pros would say about it but it still works well now. I did and still do have the same paci across the board.