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Monday, February 05, 2007

Waiting for Baby Kemp

Well all the baby bedding stuff is here, now all we need is the furniture and the baby furniture. I guess the furniture is supposed to be delivered in March - I wish it was next week! This weekend I cleaned up the babies room and bathroom. The bathroom was already all decorated - we decorated it with the intention of kids in the future. The bedroom was already yellow and now I have to pick the green and start painting - we will paint the lower half of the room in a green with a white chair rail and then the top half yellow. As you can see below the carpet is already tan. So now we wait for the furniture and then the baby, I sat in the room on Saturday just looking around and soaking it all in, I am getting very excited! Thursday is the US, if baby Kemp cooperates we will know if it is GLK or AAK. I am hoping for AAK and of course Andy is hoping for GLK. I hope it cooperates!

Babies Bathroom-

Bedroom fun stuff -


kimmyk said...

how exciting!

i love both themes in the rooms. especially the little turtle on the bathroom counter. how sweet.

that baby will be here before you know it.

Roadkil said...

I love doing kids rooms we did the girls in Pink and purple and the boys in Spiderman blue and red with a building and spiderman and everything!! 7 weeks and counting stop by the blog and take a guess!